LHH successfully helps organisations discover and nurture their internal talent through assessments, coaching, upskilling and transitioning. LHH supports companies realise their untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, morale, and brand affinity.

Through our coaching and leadership assessment offering, we help businesses challenge and inspire leaders to perform at their personal best and create commercially successful organisations, led by trusted executive boards and top teams. Our expertise is focused and local, but our reach is global.

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Leadership coaching and development services

Unlock individual talent, enhance productivity across teams, and improve company performance through leadership coaching.

Your organisation can reach new heights of excellence by investing in your leadership team. Through effective coaching and leadership development, you can uncover and maximise the true potential of your workforce to achieve even greater success.

At LHH, we support organisations just like yours to meet your business goals through a range of team coaching solutions and leadership development programmes.

We believe that every individual and every organisation can benefit from coaching. Let’s work together to make the difference your organisation deserves.

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What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is a journey an individual goes on to better understand their strengths so they can leverage those strengths for enhanced performance in the role they do. It is a process of personal and professional discovery.

For organisations, leadership coaching is a decision made to invest in your employees. By doing so, you are establishing an environment in which your employees can develop and grow. This can benefit your organisation in numerous ways.

Benefits of coaching to individuals and businesses

How organisations benefit from leadership coaching

By offering coaching to leaders, organisations can:

  • Recruit the best talent and retain it
    Leaders recognise how beneficial leadership coaching is for their careers and in helping them thrive in the job they perform. By giving them access to leadership coaching, you are investing in them, and they recognise this. It will encourage your leaders to stay with you and grow.
  • Build happier teams 
    Corporate culture is driven by the morale and attitudes of those at the top. By investing in leaders, you raise their morale. This helps to raise the morale of other team members, which can increase engagement and improve retention rates, reducing recruitment costs.
  • Create better, more productive leaders 
    The more productive your managers, the more productive your employees generally. Leadership coaching can also improve a leaders’ ability to make better decisions on behalf of the organisation.

How individuals benefit from leadership coaching

Individual leaders recognise the benefits exposure to a coaching provider brings. They benefit by:

  • Learning how to adopt new mindsets and approach problems differently. This can help them build more constructive working relationships, promoting a happier workplace culture.
  • Developing their skills and strengths to push them forward in their role and career.
  • Having the time, space, support, and resources to make positive changes, both personally and professionally.

Knock on effect of coaching

Effective leadership increases team effectiveness. By empowering your leaders to reach their own potential they can bring out the best in their teams.

When you invest in your people – every organisation’s greatest asset – you invest in your organisation.

How to select a coach

We have over 2,000 coaches globally, covering 66 countries and working across 45 languages. These coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We listen to your objectives and allocate the coach best-placed to help you meet those objectives. If you opt for virtual coaching, our app-based tool Ezra can be used by your entire organisation, and your employees can choose a coach based on personal goals and business objectives.

Coaching culture

Developing a coaching culture

By building a coaching culture within your organisation you can:

  • Onboard employees faster and more smoothly
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve productivity

As coaching providers, we can train your leaders to become effective coaches to help build trust, engagement, and empowerment throughout your organisation. Your managers and team leaders can develop the skills and knowledge they need to unlock the potential of every employee on their team, enhancing both individual and team performance.

Each can become an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach through LHH. This allows your organisation to develop its coaching culture further to become an organisation that advocates coaching as a means to improve performance and engagement.

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Coaching is what drives us. An experienced executive coaching provider, we help organisations see the true potential of their leaders.

Our expertise is focused and local, but our reach is global. We use leading-edge technology to provide scalable solutions to organisations of every size across all industries.

Benefits of LHH coaching

  • 86% - amount of av. productivity coaching can provide compared to 22% with training alone
  • 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills
  • 80% of people who receive coaching report an increase in self-confidence.

We take a human-first approach and adapt according to the needs of each leader. Every leader we work with benefits from exposure to the latest assessment techniques, e-learning tools, and individual and/or group coaching alongside instructor-led sessions.

The benefit of LHH's coaching model lies in results-based coaching. We lean on a results-based coaching model, credentialised by ICF, that focuses on results to measure outcomes and the importance of aligning coaching with an organisation's strategic objectives.

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This approach rests on four key principles:

  • Business alignment – coaching must be aligned with your organisation’s strategy and guided by the culture of learning and coaching you want to create.
  • Behavioural shift – coaching starts with an awareness of mindset and a willingness to change behaviours where necessary to support accountability.
  • Culture change – coaching encourages accountability at every level of the organisation.
  • Measurable results – coaching should be measured by the data that shows its impact against investment.

LHH coaching model

LHH coaching programmes

We provide a range of coaching programmes to help your organisation reach its true potential.

Premier executive coaching

Bespoke support for C-suite, board members and executives who want to make positive changes to their career or business.

Signature 1:1 coaching

Personalised support tailored to your employee’s personal and/or business goals.

Group coaching

Strengthen how your teams collaborate and improve performance with our group coaching solution.

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The executive coaching programme is designed to help leaders develop and leverage their strengths so they can perform more effectively in their role. They will be taught how to identify and address blind spots and change mindset and behaviour, when necessary, to allow them to adapt constructively to changes within your organisation.

Course structure

The executive coaching programme is structured as follows:

  • Carry out a full assessment and provide feedback
  • Create and implement an action plan
  • Agree on the desired results (personal and business)
  • Collect and analyse data-driven results
  • Ongoing review to measure progress and impact.

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Leadership development

Benefits of leadership development

Leaders need to be agile, adept at virtual management and develop important behaviours, such as empathy, if they are to be effective.

Every leader is different. That is why we take a flexible, personalised approach to development intervention and provide a range of leadership development courses to meet unique needs.

The leadership development coaching modules we provide focus on changing behaviours and habits while developing each leader’s core strengths and skills.

We provide leadership development coaching for organisations of all sizes, including small business leadership coaching.

We can help the leaders in your organisation in four key ways:

  • Integrate – when you recruit new leaders, we can help them build relationships and a productive and engaged working environment to drive performance.
  • Elevate – when your leaders need a lift to drive themselves forward, we can support them to do so.
  • Navigate –we help leaders learn how to organise and inspire others to help their teams reach output and performance targets.
  • Accelerate – leaders who have what it takes to be great leaders are supported to reach their full potential.

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Leadership assessment and development

Effective leaders make the difference. They drive productivity by building and sustaining confidence in employees while creating an environment in which everyone can thrive. Effective leaders lay the foundations for business success.

Are you investing in your leaders of tomorrow?

At LHH, we know what effective leadership looks and sounds like. We identify, coach, and develop leadership talent that drives business success. We provide a range of leadership assessment solutions to organisations, with programmes at all prices. Our approach is local, but our reach global.

Think of LHH as a strategic partner to your organisation, ready to meet your leadership assessment needs.

LHH leadership assessment

At LHH, we deliver flexible, technology-led leadership assessment solutions for every need and budget. Our programmes are best-in-class and confront leadership from all angles. We can use existing leadership models or adapt our solutions to your organisation’s models.

Flexible in our approach, we are objective in recommending the best leadership assessments available based on your organisational objectives. Every employee assessment solution we provide can be adapted to suit your needs and integrated with a coaching and development programme to deliver the best insights and results.

Every solution is guided by data and analytics, and these insights allow us to review, refine and optimise each programme, which drives ROI.

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Benefits of LHH leadership assessment

The success of every organisation rests on the strength of its leadership. LHH’s leadership assessment solutions provide you with actionable insights into your employees and leaders so you can make the best decisions around who to hire and when, which employees have the most potential, and which leaders have the skills and capabilities to drive business success.

LHH takes a uniquely flexible approach, delivering insights that are central to your organisation, its ethos, structure, and culture.

The leadership models we employ can also be accessed in multiple formats depending on your preference, whether it be online, one-to-one, through assessment centres or another channel. So, wherever you are in the world, we can be there too.

Our leadership assessment solutions are research-based, data-driven and highly-integrated. Each solution can run alongside coaching and development programmes to provide the best results.

Leadership assessment programme content

We analyse your organisational culture and organise interviews with leaders to understand the behaviours, skills and capabilities required. We then hold talks with stakeholders to understand your organisation’s strategic objectives.

At LHH, we use aKumen for assessing leaders, both for selection and development. This tool identifies leadership effectiveness across strengths and weaknesses, and areas where development is required. We also use an assessment solution, aKuity , to reveal insights into an employee’s personality and mindset and how this may play out in the workplace environment, and Orion to assess leadership potential.

Reporting is a key part of each programme. We:

  • Provide insights into your leadership’s capabilities set against your competitors.
  • Recognise areas of development that support your strategic objectives and aim to increase your market share.
  • Identify where leaders may be at risk from certain behaviours or mindsets and put measures in place to manage that risk.

Assessment programmes are available online, as off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions, or delivered one-to-one. We also host a day-long group session that focuses on developing stronger, more effective teams.

aKumen leadership assessment

Capability, motivation, and focus – these are three areas that are key to leadership effectiveness. These areas mark the foundation of our approach to senior leadership assessment, realised through aKumen, a research-led assessment tool.

Find out more about aKumen below or contact us to find the solution that works for you.

What is aKumen?

aKumen is a tool that assesses employees in senior leadership positions. It identifies a senior leader’s key strengths and weaknesses and uncovers potential areas of risk. These insights reveal where development would be most useful, and what can be done to help leaders develop the skills required to manage teams and drive business success.

aKumen looks at:

  • Capability – this assesses aspects of effective leadership
  • Motivation – this offers insights into what motivates a leader
  • Focus – this assesses decision-making and logic

aKumen programme structure

aKumen can be integrated with different assessment solutions. There are three core solutions available, and each targets individuals at different levels of leadership:

  • aKumen plus – Executive
    This programme examines four key areas: motivation, capability, focus and reputation.
  • aKumen – Senior Manager
    This programme examines three key areas: motivation, capability, and focus.
  • aKumen Lite – Mid-level Manager
    This programme examines two key areas: motivation and capability.

Assessment consulting

Assessment consulting is a core part of LHH’s service offering. We routinely work with organisations and HR departments as an assessment provider, and offer a range of consulting services to support your assessment programmes and broader in-house strategy.

We consult on and recommend assessments that are based on some of the best research-based solutions available in the market. We always take an objective, flexible approach, recommending the best solution for your organisation’s needs and strategic objectives.

Once a solution is implemented, we use data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your assessment programme or strategy and recommend how to optimise programmes to bring you the best return on investment.

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What is leadership assessment?

Leadership assessment determines an individual’s leadership capabilities set against the current and future requirements of the role. Organisations can gain insights into an individual’s behaviours, mindset, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas of development to maximise leadership effectiveness.

Through employee assessment, organisations can identify leaders early on and prepare them for such roles in advance, so a cycle of effective leadership is created and maintained.

Leadership assessment enables organisations to identify the capabilities required to build strong leadership streams that drive business success.

Benefits of leadership assessment

Leadership assessment provides numerous benefits to organisations. For example, it allows for:

  • Improved decision making
    Third party assessments are more objective and provide organisations with the insights they need to drive development and sound decision making around hiring and promoting. This reduces recruitment and training costs and time spent on these activities.
  • Enhanced employee engagement
    Leadership assessments are likely to be valued by the employee involved and regarded as an investment in their career. This can improve employee retention, engagement, and satisfaction rates.
  • Leadership skills development
    Organisations can not only identify areas for development but also the skills they need for leadership success and encourage current and potential leaders to develop those skills. This helps leaders become more effective and prepares employees for future roles more efficiently.
  • A better understanding of how certain mindsets, behaviours, strengths, and development opportunities can positively or negatively affect business performance. This can inform future decisions organisations make around recruitment, selection, promotion, and redeployment.

How leadership assessment affects business

When a 360-degree leadership assessment approach is taken, this has proved effective in transforming individuals, allowing them to develop effective leadership skills that power performance across the team and wider organisation. This drives productivity and competitiveness, increasing ROI.

In turn, leadership or executive assessment can transform organisations, giving you the tools and insights needed to make more informed decisions around who to hire, promote, redeploy, develop, retrain or upskill.

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A professional coach can change someone’s life. They can help them become more self-aware, set goals, and work through problems that might be holding them back, professionally, and personally. It seems like everyone can be better with a coach.

Yet, in a lot of organisations, talking to a coach is something that’s only reserved for the very top teams. At LHH, we think organisations can achieve more if they spread this superpower to everyone – so we created Ezra, to make coaching as easy as booking tickets online or messaging a friend.

If you need to scale and deliver coaching to 50 or more people across your organisation, Ezra is an intuitive, app-based coaching solution that lets your employees choose a coach, schedule live video coaching sessions, and chat with their coach about their goals, plans, and challenges – all in a way that’s aligned to your company’s objectives and measured in a way that matters to you.

Virtual coaching with Ezra can also be integrated into any of our leadership development solutions and journeys. 

Take me to helloezra.com.


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