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We are here to support you in transitioning in your career effectively

The support that we provide through our career advisors and online career portal will help ease the stress associated with redundancies. Whatever your goal, whether you want to find a new job in the same industry, look at opportunities in different sectors, or something completely different like start your own business, our career specialists can guide you to the next chapter in your life.

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Essential outplacement
Helping outgoing employees get the career guidance they need
C-suite outplacement with ICEO
ICEO is a boutique service providing bespoke support for outgoing C-Suite
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Leadership assessment and employee development

Effective leaders make the difference. They drive productivity by building and sustaining confidence in employees while creating an environment in which everyone can thrive.

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ICEO – C-suite outplacement

The International Centre of Executive Operations (ICEO) is a boutique service which provides a bespoke service for C-suite executives exiting a business.

ICEO provides their clients with comprehensive advisory support, connections, and resources for all career options—including corporate roles, private equity and venture capital roles, advisory work, starting or purchasing a business, alternative careers, board service, portfolio careers and active retirement.

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